Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Did Homeowner's Association Go Too Far By Emails Name & Address Of Sex Offender?

Did my home owners association go too far this time or are they taking proper steps by emailing the Denver neighborhood the name and address of a sex offender?

HOA's typically watch over the neighborhoods by mailing out notices to cut weeds or remove trash from a property when the owner appears to be in violation of the by-laws.  But, is it their function or obligation to notify everyone by email when a sex offender moves into the neighborhood?  Or should HOA's at most remind members of such persons by forwarding the area's Sex Offender Registry?

Here is my previous blog discussing local and national sex offender registry sites.

My thoughts are that my HOA over stepped the scope of their function and should at most forward the sex offender sites.  What are your thoughts?

Buyers & Sellers Voted And Results Are In

J.D. Power and Associates announced today that RE/MAX ranks highest in customer satisfaction, for both buyers and sellers, in its 2011 residential real estate survey.